The Sauce


The word jerk is said to come from the Spanish word charqui, meaning to jerk or preserve meat. The English used the word jerky and this eventually became jerk. Some also believe it is called jerk because of the jerking motion that is used when cooking this kind of barbeque.

Regardless of which story actually holds true, the style of jerk cooking is definitely unique and indigenous to Jamaica. The maroons, slaves that escaped the British invasion in 1655, escaped to the hills of the Blue Mountains in the Parish of Portland and used the jerk method to preserve and season foods. Over the years, this process spread throughout the island and became very popular. The most popular place became Boston beach in Port Antonio, the capital of Portland.

The key to any jerk is the Scotch Bonnet pepper, a variety of the habanero, one of the world’s hottest peppers. This gives the marinade its searing heat and that true island flavor. But any good jerk is not just about the heat, it is about the irresistible flavor and spices that make you want to keep eating it. The first time you eat jerk, true jerk, you are conflicted as to whether to keep eating because of the heat but the spices keep you coming back for more.

Jule's Gourmet  Foods Jamaican Jerk Sauce™ captures that wonderful mix of heat and spice to bring  the island flavor to your home. This sauce packs a punch, but used in moderation it’s a true treat for your taste buds and will bring the authentic taste of Jamaica to your table or your back yard.